Tamil historical identity .. Jaffna. Public Library Founder Philanthropist Q. M. Cellappa’s 125th birthday


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Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 16:39 [IST]

Jaffna: The cultural image of the Tamils ​​of the world, Jaffna Public Library Sellappa’s 125th birthday is widely known tomorrow.

The man who sowed the lofty considered ‘Learner is a scholar’, scholar, philanthropist Ok. M. செல்லப்பா அவர்கள். He has all the time had a behavior of studying with an insatiable curiosity in books from an early age.

Jaffna Library KM Chellappas 125th Birthday

The one who lived in response to the scripture of the information that’s the supply of data for the mantra of the sand dune that soaks the earth. He shared sometimes together with his shut mates many books that had been historically deposited in his home.

He was amazed to see the information maturity of the readers. In 1933 he put aside a room in his home and invited many close by residents to learn, after which learn to those that couldn’t learn and have become occupied with them.

Jaffna Library KM Chellappas 125th Birthday

In 1934 he requested for a Central Free Tamil Library in Jaffna within the English and Tamil Daily “, and also approached workers, trade unions, teachers, businessmen and prominent retirees to collect books. With the aim of expanding it for the benefit of many, Sellappa and some other personalities worked together to establish this library in Jaffna. Set up in the middle of the city and led the way.

Thus the further developed Jaffna Library saw the massive growth of the period from time to time by groups of scholars and personalities including Samsapapathy who served as the first Chief Minister of the Jaffna Municipal Council in 1936, and in 1953 by Ven. Long Adigalar. Jaffna, which began to grow slowly with the thought and action of the philanthropist KM Sellappa. Public Library. During his tenure, nearly 97,000 books, original palm leaves, manuscripts, newspapers and various language magazines were collected and deposited in the Jaffna Public Library. The Jaffna Public Library was once considered to be one of the most significant art galleries in South East Asia, adding to the pride of Sri Lanka, especially Jaffna. Today, Jaffna rises on the soil and speaks of the pride of Tamils.

Jaffna Library KM Chellappas 125th Birthday

The uncle of the indestructible soil in the history of Jaffna, the first benefactor of the aforesaid benevolent Kanakasabai Sellappa, who retired from the Periyakottu dilemma. The man, scholar and philanthropist who sowed the lofty thought of ‘learned scholar’ to all. M. செல்லப்பா அவர்கள். According to the resolution passed by the Jaffna Municipal Council on 25.04.1958 in connection with his death on 24.04.1958, in a letter sent to the family by the then Mayor P. Kasipillai, Amarar was the one who first started and maintained the Jaffna Central Library and then handed it over to the Municipal Council. We offer our condolences on the passing of the late KM Sellappa. “

Jaffna Library KM Chellappas 125th Birthday

Many of these educated on this library are at present world-class graduates and extremely regarded students in varied fields corresponding to medication, science and enterprise.

‘On the 125th delivery anniversary of the venerable KM Sellappa (24.02.2021) we’ll bear in mind with gratitude all of the Tamil folks for his public service and salute and pay homage to the philanthropist KM Sellappa who sacrificed all his bodily and non secular spirit to create an informed society’. Annar’s grandson, Vimalan Balasubramaniam, residing in Britain, politely asks.

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