Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2021: Why AIADMK angry over Temujin leadership? Isn’t that important to Bamaga?


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Updated: Sunday, February 21, 2021, 16:22 [IST]

DMK chief Vijayakanth has introduced that all 234 constituencies will get nominations within the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. It was additionally reported that the DMK was to stand alone as coalition talks had not begun. What is occurring within the DMK?

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In the run-up to the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, DMK chief Stalin and DMK co-coordinator and chief ministerial candidate Edappadi Palanisamy are campaigning vigorously. With the announcement of the election date, the 2 main events haven’t begun preliminary talks with their allies. So, what number of seats will likely be allotted within the coalition? ‘ Tensions have risen for the coalition events.

In addition, the DMK management is claimed to be very dissatisfied with the non-initiation of coalition talks. Treasurer of the social gathering Premalatha hoisted the flag at his residence on the eve of the DMK’s flag unveiling. He later advised reporters that the AIADMK, which is main the alliance, ought to now ask in regards to the alliance. As quickly because the election date is introduced, our social gathering’s govt committee and normal committee will meet and announce the excellent news. “


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“The DMK has likelihood of profitable all 234 constituencies. With simply two months to go earlier than the meeting elections, the DMK and AIADMK want to expedite coalition talks,” he said.

Responding to Premalatha’s speech, Minister Jayakumar said, “We will name you after we want to speak in regards to the alliance.”

In this situation, DMK leader Vijayakanth has issued an announcement that all 234 constituencies have to get nominations. It said, “All directors and volunteers wishing to contest within the Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Assembly constituencies can obtain their election petitions from the twenty fifth to the fifth of March on the head workplace in Coimbatore.”

The announcement by the DMK leader is said to have caused a stir within the AIADMK alliance. We spoke to BBC Tamil about this to one of the chief executives of the DMK. Speaking anonymously, he said the DMK had not even been given the prominence given to it during the 2019 parliamentary elections. Ministers often visited Dr. Ramdas’ Tilapuram estate and held talks. Dissatisfied with this, the DMK held talks with top BJP executives. Why are you talking to them? ‘ There was dissatisfaction on the part of the AIADMK. We don’t consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “

As he continued, we misplaced all 4 constituencies within the parliamentary elections. Prior to that, we contested 104 seats within the 2016 Assembly elections on behalf of the People’s Welfare Alliance. As a outcome, the vote share fell to 2.41 p.c. Due to this, the AIADMK has determined to allot single digit seats within the forthcoming elections. The social gathering’s executives, nevertheless, have a variety of votes for the DMK. But that, too, is a low turnout. Why allocate extra blocks for this? ‘ Are within the temper of.

There is not any most important purpose. DMK executives are additionally angry that the DMK didn’t spend election cash correctly within the parliamentary elections. Despite embracing defeat in all constituencies besides Theni, the DMK didn’t even correctly distribute cash to the sales space committee. That is why all those that campaigned towards the DMK candidates gained by a margin of two lakh to 3 lakh votes, ”he mentioned.

Moreover, Premalatha’s sequence of speeches have angered the AIADMK management. Because of this, they’ve come to the mindset that ‘what we give is the seat’. At the identical time, Premalatha seeks to present that ‘we’re not swayed by anybody’. As a part of that they’ve introduced the date of receipt of the non-compulsory petition. Generally, it’s the follow of different events to return the cash if the constituency is allotted to one other social gathering. But the DMK has no historical past of refunding cash. So, can I pay? ‘ There are additionally executives with the thought. In addition, will the social gathering achieve recognition on the finish of the legislative elections? “

The reason is to contest in 30 constituencies and get 75,000 votes per constituency; The party’s logo will be recognized only if it wins 2 constituencies. It is unlikely to get 75,000 votes per constituency if it stands alone. Premalatha is trying to speed up the coalition talks and win more seats because the party’s situation will be even more complicated. He is angry that the AIADMK has not started preparations for it, ”DMK officials said.

Is the DMK getting the petition in dissatisfaction that the talks have not started? ”We asked JCD Prabhakar, a member of the DMK’s steering committee, for BBC Tamil. It is natural to get a petition within that time. What can we do to make them dissatisfied that the talks have not started? No decision should be taken in a hurry in politics. The AIADMK leadership will take a lenient decision. “

Does the AIADMK management really feel that the DMK’s affect has waned? “I do not want to comment on that. There should be no urgency or anger in politics.”

Has the delay within the talks angered the DMK management? ”We requested Parthasarathy, the social gathering’s deputy secretary of state,” We are buying 234 constituencies as we do not know which constituency will be allotted in the alliance. The MLAs will not regret it. They are going to buy all the constituencies on behalf of the party. We are buying on behalf of our party. “

Continuing, there is no such thing as a such factor as dissatisfaction with the AIADMK. We simply say begin negotiations quickly. Negotiations started in December for the final meeting election. We completed all the things on February fifth. They haven’t but determined what number of blocks. We didn’t resolve both. We hope they’ll resolve after the meeting session is over. “

Is the DMK treating the DMK with indifference? We spoke to senior journalist N. Asoka for BBC Tamil. As long as Vijayakanth was healthy, the DMK was also a healthy party. Suffice it to say that his ill health has affected the party. Otherwise, during the last parliamentary elections, will both the DMK and the AIADMK be exposed in open coalition talks? Since then, the DMK has lost some of its bargaining power. ”

Moreover, the DMK has become increasingly exhausted and unable to do anything to express any opinion or struggle, even in matters affecting the people, due to its presence in the ruling coalition. Other parties cannot be expected to be respected until the DMK proves itself to be a party with a strong vote bank. That is why the AIADMK leadership is treating the party with some indifference, despite waiting for the alliance to open its doors. In this situation, the only way to maintain self-esteem is for the DMK to stand alone and compete as before. But it is questionable whether there is strong leadership or fighting spirit for that. “

Premalatha hopes that preliminary talks with the AIADMK will start after the top of the meeting session. At the top of the coalition talks, will probably be recognized whether or not the DMK will get the honorable seats it expects or whether or not will probably be pushed in the direction of a distinct end result.

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