The Best Encrypted Private Messenger Apps For Android 2021(WhatsApp Alternatives)

Best Encrypted Private Messenger Apps For Android 2021: People are becoming more worried than ever with their privacy. Facebook breaks the ball, companies almost continuously gather details and it is hard to know who to trust. To fix this problem, new products still come out. Privacy chat apps are one of the most significant. Every five apps in this list have similar features. You should encrypt end-to-end so that no one knows what you mean.

Encrypted instant messaging ensures privacy and security by making sure that only the person you are sending your messages to can actually read them. Powerful encryption software built into the messaging apps means that any third-party intercepting those messages will not be able to read them.

With the ever-increasingly popularity of Android phones, encrypted apps have become increasingly popular. Here we feature the best encrypted instant messaging apps currently available.

The Best Encrypted Private Messenger Apps For Android 2021

1. Signal Private Messenger

One of the most common private messaging applications is Signal Private Messenger. It has its problems, but the whole product is very decent. It supports voice, video, text and even text calls. It also has encryption end-to-end. This works only if both people use Signal for each other’s message. Other features include the design of materials, group chats and the open source. Free with no in-app purchases or ads.

For more security, users have the ability to choose different disappearing message intervals for each conversation that they have saved in their chat history. Signal is an Open Source project supported by donations and grants, so there are no advertisements, no affiliate marketers, and no secret tracking. Signal doesn’t have the keys to decrypt messages, so the company will never have access to content its users are exchanging.

2. Telegram 

Telegram is a common conversation forum for heavily encrypted people. End-to-end encryption includes phone calls and group chats (if both parties have Telegram). There is an alternative to send and receive self-destruct messages, files, images and video within some time. It also has messages that self-destruct. Users can use secret chats from advanced settings in the app to ensure a more safe messaging experience, which forces the application on the other side of the secret chat to remove messages if you choose.

With Telegram, you can easily sync your messages across various devices at once. The app carries all the essential features, such as sending media files, videos, documents of any type ( .DOC, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.), or set up bots for specific tasks.

It has a very minimalistic interface that makes the app quite handy to use. Moreover, this encrypted text app is entirely free. It doesn’t display any ads and does not include any subscription fees.

3. Viber

4. Threema

Threema is another secure messaging app that aims to keep your data out of the hands of corporations and governments. The app can be used anonymously, and it’s not just messages but also phone calls that can be securely encrypted.

While secure connections are the mainstay of many messengers, Threema goes one further by ensuring no contact details are saved on their servers, and any messaging data that goes through them is immediately deleted once sent. 

The result is that local files remain on your phone, rather than in the open on third-party servers where the information could be intercepted by hackers or data-collection agencies.

For all its security considerations, Threema is still a fully-functional messaging app, that allows you to send images, files, videos, and locations, as well as create groups and set up polls among trusted users. 

5. Wickr Me

Wickr is one of the only secure messaging apps that can truly be used anonymously. This application allows users to communicate with others either one-to-one or in groups with fully encrypted text messages, voice messages and memos. Wickr can be a collaboration tool instead of just a messaging app as there is the ability to share screens, locations, and online statuses. Wickr does not require an email address or phone number upon registration, ensuring that user data is not collected and therefore, the app does not have access to it.

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