The ‘double-mindedness’ of Indians about big companies exposed by the Farmers movement

दिल्ली बॉर्डर पर किसान पिछले 20 दिनों से प्रदर्शन कर रहे हैं.

New Delhi, Ravi Shankar Kapoor The ongoing Farmers’ Agitation against the Farm Law has exposed the fear and hatred prevalent in the minds of Indians for “corporates”. At the same time, it is frightening for big companies… Actually the biggest complaint about the agricultural law is that it is being told that big companies will collect rights on agricultural produce, form associations and then start exploiting the farmers. The demonstration has highlighted another thing and that is the doublethink of Indians. George Orwell, in his novel 1984, defined it as “maintaining two conflicting ideas in one brain and believing both simultaneously”.

Before we discuss the ill effects of double thinking, let’s first look at some live examples of this. One reason why most non-political people will show sympathy with the farmers is that big companies are bad. This is the result of decades of governance with socialist values. In fact, it is a gift of our schools and colleges and thanks to those academics and intellectuals who have tried for this. The lie of socialism has created an aura of truth, and one of them is that big companies exploit the poor and now they will rob the farmers.

However, from protesting farmers to opposition leaders, film artists, sportspersons and people aspiring to become celebrities, they are against the agricultural law. While the agricultural law is the best thing that has happened in the agricultural sector since independence. Public discussion and debate in India have generally been against big companies. Our intellectuals have never been behind in creating an atmosphere against big companies. We were told that big companies exploit their employees, bribe politicians and officers, break rules and laws and destroy the environment while avoiding tax.

Despite this, if you ask an intellectual or a person whether they would like to work in a big company or if they want to work for their children in a big company, then their answer will be yes, everyone knows that Big companies give good salary, have a good working environment and like small companies do not run on whims and desires. At least at the lower and middle levels, they are happy to work with big companies. However, when it comes to public policy, everyone says that big companies exploit a lot. But, what is good for them is not good for the country. Not good for the economy and not good for the farmers.

Similarly, cultured people believe that Ayurveda is the best treatment system in the world. However, when it comes to their own turn, they want to make their children allopathic doctors with MBBS, MS and MD degrees. They do not want their children to become Ayurvedic doctors. Sanskaris insist that India is the only country in the world where even God is eager to be born. But these people flee to America, Britain and other western countries for their treatment. To settle there, they keep sparring. These people give priority to these countries for higher education of their children. With great pride and passion, we wave the green card and the permanent residency card of your sons and daughters in the air.

Need to say that only cultured people are not victims of double thinking. The Left presents a tough challenge to them. The leftists will always take a stand against Western countries and their rule during the study, and among them the flamboyant people will go to the universities of Western countries and write a thesis on the curse of British colonialism. How many left-wing ideologues have migrated to China, North Korea and Cuba as an egalitarian paradise?

Dual thinking is a different herb and it is more destructive than hypocrisy. Orwell wrote, “To know and not to know, to be vigilantly alert to the truth by vigorously telling the fabricated lie, to keep in mind two thoughts that have been rejected, to know that both There are contradictory yet believing in them, using logic against logic, defying moral values ​​and claiming to be ethical themselves, believing that democracy is impossible and also that the party is the defender of democracy… ”

To believe that the corporate sector exploits us and keep preparing for a job in a big company, claiming that India is a great country in the world and thinking about settling in Canada permanently. To emphasize that Western countries are downhill and finding jobs in the US-Europe … Isn’t that a brilliant double-mindedness?

Double thinking is more dangerous than hypocrisy, because a hypocritical person may hear conscience at any time. A Scotch-liking social worker advocating a ban on alcohol can feel ashamed of his hypocrisy. The reason is that he has not completely gone away from his reality. Nor has he stopped thinking. But, for a double-minded man, double-thinking does not mean any idea. One who rejects two conflicting views simultaneously rejects both. The sum of X and -X is always zero and one that is mathematically correct is also logically correct. A double-minded man does not even feel sorry and he stays away from the truth.

It is sad that while dual thinking is officially promoted in the imagination of George Orwell, it is being forcefully spread in India. The result is that India has become a nation without consideration, which is reactive rather than pro-active. Things happen to us and we react to them. At times, such as during the 1991 economic crisis, India’s stance on Mumbai’s rain and corona virus epidemic has been reactive on the issue of stubble burning in northern India.

Lack of any kind of thinking leads to emotion-based things, promotes ostentatious morality and creates a state of policy confusion. The corrupt and trailing peasant movement is one such example.

Disclaimer: Writers are independent journalists and this is their personal opinion.

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