The girl on the train

‘OTT Platform’, the film starring KK’s lead character, has been released on Netflix. The film is a Hindi remake of an English film based on the novel by the same name. Those who have read the novel or seen the English film will know the story of this suspense-thriller film in advance.

story: Meera (Parineeti Chopra), who was once a great lawyer, is going through the grief of losing her husband and child. After the family breaks up, Meera’s career also slowly begins to sink. In a car accident, she succumbs to a disease called amnesia, so that she does not remember the events that happen to herself. After this Meera becomes very alcoholic. After this, a woman comes in Meera’s life. He sees the woman daily on a train going from Redbridge to Greenwich. Meera is very impressed by her house and her life. One day this woman Nusrat John (Aditi Rao Hydari) kills someone in the forest. When the police investigate this, he finds evidence of Meera being present at the place of murder. Now the unsolved mystery of this murder is the story of the film.

Review: Parineeti Chopra’s character as Meera remains strong from the very beginning in the film. Director Ribhu Dasgupta has dominated the film in a way since the beginning of the film’s lead character. Parineeti Chopra has managed to show the ups and downs in Meera’s life through her acting. You will get to see many layers in Meera’s character. Meera looks towards Nusrat for a perfect life, but she does not know that there is no such thing as a perfect life in the world. Nusrat’s life also has its problems. The first half of the film does not attract you very much, but the second half may thrill you a bit. In the English film, Parineeti’s character was played by Emily Blunt, for which she was highly praised. Apparently there would have been a lot of pressure on Parineeti to play such a character. But he has done justice to this character somewhere. Ribhu Dasgupta has already made films like ‘Michael’ and ‘Teen’ in the psychological thriller genre, so his previous experience in making this film would have been useful. Aditi Rao Hydari’s character is very small, so she had nothing special to do much. Kirti Kulhari’s character as a police officer also gets buried under the main character of Parineeti Chopra. Overall, it is a big responsibility to make a Hindi remake of a great film, and the team of the film is not entirely there but it seems to be successful somewhere or the other.

Why see: Parineeti is a fan of Chopra and likes suspense-thriller films.


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