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The Indian who had been lurking at the airport was arrested.

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Updated: Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 13:09 [IST]

LOS ANGELES: The incident in which a person of Indian descent hid at a Chicago airport for 3 months for fear of going home for fear of corona has caused a stir in the United States.

U.S. police have arrested a man for trespassing in a restricted area of ​​the airport.

Indo-American arrested for living in Airport For 3 Months Due To Covid Fear

Aditya Singh, 35, is an American Indian. He lives with some of his friends in a Los Angeles suburb. Aditya, who has a degree in hospital management, is looking for a job

In this case, he has gone to Chicago O’Hare International Airport to return home. But Corona is scared and plans to fly home. Thus, from October 19, 2020 to January 16, 2021, in the protected area of ​​the airport, he has been lurking in the eyes of airport officials.

It was only on January 16 that airport officials found Aditya and asked him to show him his identity card. But to Aditya, 3 months ago an airport operations officer showed him a lost identity card. Authorities found that the identity card he showed was not his and handed Aditya over to the police.

U.S. police have also produced Aditya in court. Confused by hearing the details of the case, Judge Susanna Ortiz asked how an individual could enter the protected area of ​​the airport. He said it was questioning the confidence of the people about airport security.

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The Chicago Department of Civil Aviation, which responded to the judge’s question, said it would be investigating. Security vulnerabilities will be identified and removed soon, they said.

Aditya, who was arrested under the offenses of trespassing and entering the protected area of ​​the airport and stealing the identity card of the airport official, has been fined US $ 1000. The judge also ordered him to be produced again on January 27.

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