The Snyder Cut of “Justice League” Has A Trailer, And It Lives In A Society

“Follow your memes!” —Zack Snyder, most likely.

ICYMI, again in May 2020 — after we had been all, roughly, 30 years youthful than we’re proper now — HBO Max introduced that they deliberate to launch the long-awaited, long-rumored “Snyder Cut” of 2017’s scorching mess, Justice League.

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A fast primer: Zack Snyder — the director behind each Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — was imagined to direct Justice League, as all of his earlier work was constructing to it. Due to a tragic dying in his household, Snyder stepped down and Joss Whedon took over directorial duties. Fans consider this drastically modified the imaginative and prescient of the movie, as Whedon started doing massive reshoots after he took over. The story is, what the children would name, “A whole thing.”

Then, in November 2020, we acquired a really moody, black and white teaser for the re-cut, possible prepping followers for the general tone of the movie:

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Though, Snyder’s obsession with utilizing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah in his movies remains to be a complete temper, TBH.

Well, after months and MONTHS of teasing, we lastly bought our first official full-length trailer over the weekend, and — truthfully? — simply watch it. Stop studying the phrases I’m writing and watch it. Here ya go:

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The trailer is action-packed and options quite a bit of model new scenes, which is unquestionably what followers have been hoping for.

But the stand-out bit of newness is, of course, that the Joker is now within the movie — oh, and it isn’t simply any “Joker,” however a brand new interpretation of Jared Leto‘s now-infamous Suicide Squad model.

And — much more importantly (to the web, no less than) — he mentioned it. He mentioned the factor:

Warner Bros.

Follow yours memes, Zack Snyder.

For those that AREN’T accustomed to the meme, the entire “we live in a society” factor is, nicely, peak meme culture.

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In it is simplest, primary sense (as a result of, like an ogre or onion, it has layers): It’s a not-so-deep-deep quote incorrectly attributed to the Joker, which picked up ironic web steam as a meme in 2019 when trailers for Todd Phillip’s Joker had been launched.

And, of course, the web had ideas:

Because it does, truthfully, kinda really feel like a long-con joke:

The total growth of Zack Snyder’s Justice League was only a years lengthy prank to place “We live in a society” right into a trailer

Heck, even Jared Leto himself was simply straight-up like:

So, uh, yeah. There ya have it. Anyway, you should definitely catch the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League when it formally hits HBO Max on March 18!

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