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The web series ‘Tandava’ has a revolving review and lands of protest

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Tandav is such a web series that you will not miss if you do not watch it. There is nothing in it to be praised. But there is so much in it on which you can make a lot of flare and burning, if you make up your mind to provoke. There are many ‘popular reasons’ for banning it, due to which Amazon Prime and the film are being opposed. History has been witness that many times the controversies have led even average films to a high level of popularity and have blown the soil of good films. What is going to happen in such a situation… it will be known in a few days. Despite this, watching it is not emotionally harmful (or at any other level).

By the way, on a personal level, I consider every film worth watching. That is because films are a mirror of society. Sometimes we do not consider the mirror as part of the society and start to understand the whole society, so they spread. It may be pointing to a particular time of the society, a particular aspect, a problem, a disease and a particular angle, but the films brought its raw materials are from within the society itself. Whether we agree or not.

Acne and stains are visible on the face in the glass, because the man standing outside the glass has really pimples and deep pimples. Yes, if this man was standing in front of the mirror applying makeup foundation and concealer, then the mirror would have shown a bright face. Many films take care of this … presenting with denting-painting. Many films want to be seen as they are. Even if you do a lot of triangles in it, she makes the face become more squid, and then gets stuck in reverse. Many films take safe passages and coolies descend like number one. Even if you get to see them, do not think of heating their temple. These films earn money by becoming adorable.

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On Tandava, it should be said that in season first, a large part was introduced in the story, allegedly ‘inspired’ by JNU’s past controversies, but in a very useless manner. If there is a brick somewhere, in the first season, then in the second season, the Hindustani web series is vigorous anyway. It is just like that if the elder daughter is white, tall and fast in sports, then the little girl, the daughter who has topped the studies, is not able to live under the burden of expectations and cost and what could have been done, she could not have done it either. In the very first episode, staging of Hindu deities was unnecessary. Recent Twitter controversies and political upbringing brought about religion would not have been shown in a funny tone but then it is a writerly freedom. The camel would turn on one side or the other. The poems and writings of Gaurav Solanki, who has written fantastic films like article 15, are both spicy and nude. Do not like what you like but true. It has also appeared in the writing of this film. The film’s direction and acting is very weak because everything is scattered and this is one of the reasons that Hindu Muslim Angle seems to be more outspoken. Since it is visible, it is beating.

Caste commentaries have been called from Tigmanshu Dhulia and Dino Morea, but it is not that in your society this thinking and such commentary comments are not part of the conversation. Actually, it is not an insult to the Dalit society that such a call has been given in this film, but rather it is thought that even today it is thought and said. In this same cultural society, even today, Dalit youth have been tortured for buying bikes. And, in the absence of a caste surname, the caste is asked (sometimes straight). Goya, did not get ‘Hath sanitized?’ You are being asked So what is the complaint, on speaking what it is like or what it is!

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Well, the ground of protest has given such things in the film. Some days will remain in discussions. If you have not seen and there is no shortage of time, then eat the melody and know yourself.


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