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The woman forgot the laptop in the metro, the person did this with the help of LinkedIn, then people praised it fiercely

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The woman forgot the laptop in the metro, the person returned with the help of LinkedIn

These days, honesty is being discussed on the social media of a man who traced an unclaimed laptop to its owner and sent it to him. In fact, this honest man named Nahid, after leaving a laptop in a metro train by a woman, traced her name after knowing her name from the screen and returned the laptop safely to her.

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The conversation between the two was done by the woman Daisy Morris Linkedin (LinkedIn), which left its laptop in the metro. Nahid found the woman’s LinkedIn ID and told her on the message about her lost laptop, which Morris had been troubled to find for a long time.

Morris told that all his work is done on his laptop and praised the man and wrote – ‘Humans are unbelievable when they are good’. He further said, ‘We need more people like Nahid in the world’.

Morris had told, through a post, how she had gone halfway when she saw that she did not have her laptop with her. She then ran back to the station, but by then it was too late. After this, she started crying in distress. The train conductor gave him a form and said that he should come back after seven days to find out about his laptop.

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She told that she could not do her work without a laptop, so she ‘agreed to go to Oxford Circus only to get a new laptop after ten minutes’. The woman said that she was in shock. However, shortly after, his phone rang and on the other side of the line, Nahid told him that his laptop, which was accidentally left at Shadwell station, is safe. At the same time, now that person is being praised on social media.

The woman said that ‘When they asked Nahid to give something in return for this big help, she refused and said that this is normal and they don’t need anything’. He further said in gratitude- “I want to share this story, because there is a lot of negativity in the world and this whole incident has melted my heart.”


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