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READ MORE  EU chief admits COVID vaccine blunders

These questions arising on the approval of the government of Kovishield and Kovaxin, know the answer.

Coronavirus Vaccine: In the second-third wave of Corona virus, the process of vaccination has started in 16 countries of the world. The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has allowed the emergency use of two vaccines for the treatment of Kovid-19 in India. These two vaccines are- Covishield (Covishield) and Covaxin. Covishield is the Indian version of Oxford-AstraZeneca. At the same time, the cocaine is completely India’s own vaccine; Which has been made by Bharat Biotech Company of Hyderabad. It is also being called ‘Swadeshi Vaccine’.

Coronavirus Vaccine: Delay in taking second dose of Corona Vaccine will have no effect!

Kovishield is being made by the Serum Institute of India Company in India. At the same time, Kovaxin is being made in collaboration with the Indian biotech company Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Many trials of these two vaccines are yet to be done, but before this, the approval of the Government of India has raised many questions. Even though the results of the third phase trial of Kovaxin have not come, yet some health workers including the Congress party have started raising questions. In such a situation, News18 tried to get answers from Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to all the questions related to Kovishield and Kovaxin.

Read, special excerpt of interview of Dr. Randeep Guleria with Shreya Dondhial …

  • Bharat Biotech’s cocaine is being called a back up vaccine … What is this back up vaccine? Isn’t Bharat Biotech calling it a back up vaccine?

    The term backup is being misused here. Under the government’s planning, the serum institute’s vaccine, ie Covishield, is to be used only for the first phase of vaccination. At the same time, Bharat Biotech is for the Covaxin clinical trial mode. Bharat Biotech’s vaccine will not be used as a secondary vaccine, but in case Covishield’s dose is low, Kovacine is to be used. Both vaccines are equally good and effective.

  • Questions have arisen regarding the efficacy data of covaxine. Bharat Biotech has expressed strong objection to this. Bharat Biotech says that they have all the data, but not the serum. After all, why didn’t the whole data needed to get the serum approved?

    Serum Institute International is working on the vaccine in partnership with the company Oxford. His global study has already come several times. Serum has to be adjusted to long and short data. Yes… I agree that Bharat Biotech does not have enough data.

  • Covaxine or Covishield …. Which vaccine would you like to take for yourself and your family?

    It depends on the vaccine data. Both vaccines are safe. We should rely on Bharat Biotech’s research and serum data. Bharat Biotech has used old platforms and patterns to develop the vaccine, which is reliable. Therefore, going forward, we will be safe about both these vaccines.

  • There is a concern for parents… The government is saying that no vaccine has been tried on children yet. But Bharat Biotech says that it has also tried children. In such a situation, when vaccination starts, will children between 12 and 18 years also be vaccinated?

    If a good vaccine effect is seen on adults, then only children will be vaccinated. After this, pregnant women will be included in it. We need more safety data for the vaccination process. Many organizations are doing research for this.

  • Meaning there is no vaccine for pregnant women and children right now?

    Currently, the regulators have not approved the vaccine for children and pregnant women globally. Because of these safety data is concerned. Safety data should now be awaited for vaccination of children and pregnant women.

  • Why did Pfizer of America not contact the Indian regulator? What could be the reason for this?

    I certainly cannot give a reason for this. There can be many reasons behind Pfizer not doing so. Like Compensation Clause or something else… Pfizer has already received huge quantity orders from all over the world. It may also happen that if the order came from India, Pfizer could not manage.

  • When will the first phase of vaccination begin? Has any date been set?

    The dry run is still going on. Once things are clear, the process of vaccination will begin. I think the first dose of vaccine will be given to health workers within the next 10 to 14 days. I will also get the vaccine dose soon, I hope that.

  • Kovishield’s first shot of vaccination will be right?

    I do think so. The dose of covishield is ready near the serum. According to my information, they have 60-70 million doses, which they can provide to the government on short notice. In such a situation, the dose of Kovishield can be given in such a short time, because it is easily available.

READ MORE  EU chief admits COVID vaccine blunders

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