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‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ completes three years: On this occasion, director Ali Abbas said – the film has patriotism, not fanatic nationalism; That’s when it got so much love


Today, Salman Khan’s film ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ has completed three years. The film was released on 22 December 2017. Made in a big budget of 210 crores, the film was well liked by the audience. On the occasion of the third anniversary of the film, director Ali Abbas Zafar shared many things related to the film. He also said that the film has patriotism, not fanatic nationalism, only then it got immense love.

This film was a huge responsibility
Ali Abbas explained, “This film was a huge responsibility. That’s because the first part ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ had become a big hit. Secondly, our film was coming after ‘Sultan’. On ‘Sultan’ The way people showered love, extra responsibility was laid on me and Aditya Chopra. We made the back-drop of the film here, the global problems about socio-political scenario and terrorism. We put the true incident in the film. “

Salman Khan smiled after hearing the title
Ali said, “After the script was ready, my conversation with Salman Sir started with the title of the film and the title was ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. When we told him the title, he smiled looking at me. Because The titles of his films are similar. Since the entire structure of this film is made up of unity, peace, brotherhood and happiness. On which Salman Khan as a brand has stood with these values ​​somewhere. “

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Zoya’s character was very important in the film
Ali further added, “The film’s leading lady Katrina Kaif was praised all-around as an action heroine for being clever and fit for fighting. She re-invented herself with the film. Katrina Kaif (Zoya ) Tiger has been a very important part of the franchise. Kabir Khan stabilized a very strong hero and heroine somewhere in the first part of Tiger. “

The responsibility to make Zoya’s character new was separate.
The director added, “So I had a different responsibility to make Zoya’s character new. Her character should be as strong as Tiger. The idea was to give Zoya her own individualism. ‘Tiger is alive’ Zoya’s character track not only merged into screenplay and storytelling, but it was also emotionally powerful. “

He said, “That’s because I’ve always been surrounded by strong women. My mother, the women in my family, my friends. The same is true of Salman and so is the case of Adi. Idea was that the crisis Time should not be shown every time a man protects women. Women are equally capable and powerful. They can fight back on their own. No matter what circumstances they are in and with whom Fighting. The only idea behind Zoya’s role was to become the voice of contemporary women of our time. “

The film was especially loved by its emotion.
Ali Abbas said, “Zoya also shows what soil the women of that field used to be made of. Where they don’t need anyone else to fight their battles. I think the time has come that we women on the big screen Start praising and celebrating them. I think the film was especially loved by its emotion. It is a patriotic film, but not jingoistic. It is commercial, entertaining. But somewhere from the movie Emotion Does not leave. “

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