Today, 6 months of Kisan agitation completed, more than 15 thousand Annadata are standing on the Singhu border

Today, 6 months of Kisan agitation completed, more than 15 thousand Annadata are standing on the Singhu border

The peasant movement started on 26 November 2020. (File photo)

Special things

  • Today completes 6 months of peasant movement
  • The movement started on 26 November 2020
  • More than 15 thousand farmers have settled on the Singhu border

New Delhi:

The Farmers Protest has been on the border of Delhi today for 6 months. Agricultural laws This agitation against (Farm Laws) is also facing the disaster of weather, coronavirus (coronavirus) in addition to the indifference of the government. Farmer leaders are willing to talk unconditionally but at present the government has not held any talks with the farmers after 22 January. After 6 months, NDTV tried to know what is the picture of farmer movement and what people are thinking.

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From November 26, 2020, the cold started on the Delhi border. Peasant movement, Is now going on even in the scorching heat, with the same passion and anger. In the second lockdown of the Corona epidemic today (Wednesday), farmers celebrated ‘Black Day’ in different places across the country. Despite the death of millions from the Corona epidemic, there is a fear of agricultural legislation more than Corona among the farmers who are sitting on a protest against the agricultural laws on the border. This is the reason why most masks are missing on their faces.

“Black Day” after 6 months of agitation, thousands of farmers leave Karnal for Singhu border

Pannam’s farmer leader Harnam Singh said that by showing fear of Corona, the government wants to remove the farmers, as if the earlier movements were suppressed. Even if the weather and conditions have changed, the demand of the farmers organizations to repeal the three agricultural laws has not changed. This is the reason that now hundreds of rough-and-tents on GT Road are visible far and wide, although this place, once known as Tent City, on the Singhu border is deserted today. Jagjit Singh shows us that 10,000 people stayed here on 25 January, but now there are only a few people, but the weather will change in view of the movement, so thousands of blankets and mattresses are kept.

Due to the protracted agitation, the number of farmers at the Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur border of Delhi decreased, but to see if the morale was also reduced, we reached out to some kabaddi players who have been running langar continuously for 6 months. Kuldeep Singh and his friends from Khankhana village of Nawanshahar, Punjab, have the responsibility of arranging for langar service and living on the Singhu border. Ration of about two lakh rupees per day used to come in the langar, but now it has come down to 25 thousand, but despite that their morale is not broken. They say that the government should talk immediately.

Farmer Movement: Allegations of Balbir Singh Rajewal – Central Government did not resume talks

Farmer Kuldeep Singh said, ‘We think that if the government does not return the law, we will not go till then. If there is an epidemic going on, then our feet will have nothing. We have already died, what will the pandemic kill us. ‘ Till January 22, 11 rounds of talks have been held between the government and the farmers, but no solution has been reached. At present, more than 15 thousand farmers are sitting on the road on the Singhu border.

VIDEO: How farmers are celebrating ‘black day’ on the borders of Delhi? See report


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