Top 5 Best Punjabi Songs (July 2020)

Top 5 Best Punjabi Songs (July 2020)

Best Punjabi Songs (July 2020): Punjabi songs are world famous and there are billions of fans of Punjabi songs and culture. Not only the Punjabi songs but the Punjabi singers are also famous in the world.

Many Punjabi singers like Diljit Dosanjh, Sidhu Mossawala, Gippy Grewal, Karan Aujla, Ammy Virk are world famous. Some of the singers were famous in Hollywood also.

If you are a fan of Punjabi music industry and want to know the best Punjabi songs of 2020. So, you are at the right place. We have created a list of best Punjabi songs which are released on July 2020.

List of Best Punjabi Songs (July 2020)

1. Deewana (Akhil)

The first Punjabi song in our list is Deewana by Akhil. This is a romantic song. This song is the top of our list. The song has about 11 MIllion views. This song is written bu Maninder Kailey and the music is given by Desi Routz. This song is produced by Anshul Garg.

The song is directed by Pav Dharia. The lyrics of this song is heart touching that’s why this song is on the top of our list.

2. PAAPI ( Rangrez Sidhu FT Sidhu Mossawala)

The nest song in our list is Paapi by Rangrez Sidhu featuring Sidhu Mossawala. As this song is release in Youtube. This songs is viral. This song has good lyrics which are written by Rangrez Sidhu and Sidhu Mossawala.

The fans like this song so much. As the views of this song has crossed 15 million. Which is really a great thing.This song music is given by The kidd amd the video is directed by Sukaran Pathak and Rupen Bhardwaj. The run time of this video is 4:58.

3. My Pride (Tarsem Jassar)

The Third song in our list is Pride by Taresem Jassar featuring Fateh DOE. Pride songs is typically based on the Punjabi people all over the world. In this song Tarsem Jassar has talked about the Pagg (Turban).


”Sir Utte Pagg Ae Kehnde Sardaar, Ne
Ankhi Blood Ae Vairi Sikhe Maarne”

Tarsem Jassar

This song is written by Tarsem Jassar. The music is given by Pendu Boyz and this song is directed by Sharan Arts. This is the latest Punjabi song of July 2020. There is a great response from the public as this song crossed over 11 million views on Youtube. The run time of this song is 4:13.

4. Jatt Hunde AA (Prem Dhillion)

The forth song in our list is Jatt Hunde AA by Prem Dhillion. The lyrics of this song is really enjoyable. This song is written is written and composed by Prem Dhillion. The music is given by San B. This song is directed by Rahul Chahal.

This song is available to watch on Sidhu Moose Wala YouTube channel . So, go hear this awesome song, and tell us on the comment section. Your response about this song. This song has over 7.5 million views on YouTube. The run time of this song is 3:10.

5. Prohibited ( Sabi Bhinder)

Prohibited by Sabi Bhinder is the next song in our list. This song is the latest and the best song of July 2020. This song is sung by Sabi Bhinder and Gurlez Akhtar. The voice combination in this song is really great. the voice of Gurlez Akhtar make this song more better.

This song is written by Sabi Bhinder. The music of this song is given by Avvy Sra. The song is directed by Teji Sandhu. The female lead in this song is Sruishty Mann. The lyrics of this song very powerful and if you listen this song you become fan of this song. So, go and watch this song video.

You can watch this song on YouTube channel Jatt Life Studios. The duration of this song is 3:17.

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