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Trailer of the film ‘Shubh Clock Aayo’ by Arvind Akela Kallu and Akshara Singh

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Mumbai. The trailer of Arvind Akela Kallu’s Bhojpuri film ‘Shubh Ghadi Aayo’ has been released. The trailer of this film has given a lot of love to the audience. The trailer of the film has been released for 2 days, but till now millions of people have seen this trailer. So far, 6 lakh 63 thousand people have watched the trailer of this film. The way in which Arvind Akela Kallu is seen in the trailer of the film, it seems that this film is very special not only for Kallu but also for Bhojpuri cinema industry.

Super hot actress Akshara Singh with Arvind Akela Kallu has been seen in the film ‘Shubh Clock Aayo’. Chemistry of both is made on seeing. At the same time, Kallu said on his chemistry with Akshara that, ‘Whenever we have shared the screen, the audience has liked our chemistry. By the way, our association with this film was in demand for the script. Nevertheless, on the set we completed the shooting of the film with a lot of fun.

Kallu told that the film is based on the story of a boy who dreams of marrying a fair and beautiful girl. He hates black people so he does not marry black girls. In such a situation, he finds a girl who is fair and fair. Akshara Singh is playing this character in the film. Kallu then decides that he will marry the same girl in some way. Marriage happens, but there is no child for years and when it happens, the child is black. This makes Kallu wonder. Kallu said that its climax is even more entertaining. This film of mine is going to connect with the audience on emotional parameters too, so I appeal to the audience to go and see this film.

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