Tusshar Kapoor will never marry, said- I do not want to share myself with anyone

bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor (Tusshar Kapoor) is a single father. He has become the father of son Lakshya through surrogacy. 44-year-old Tushar has now given a big statement about his personal life. The actor said that he never married (Tusshar Kapoor Marriage) will not. In an interview with ETimes, Tusshar said that he is happy to be single and has no plans to get married anytime in the future. Tusshar says, ‘I don’t want to share myself with anyone else.’

‘I will never marry now or in future’
Tusshar Kapoor became Laksshya’s father in the year 2016. Since then he is single-handedly raising the son. His sister Ekta Kapoor is also a single mother and she is also taking care of son Ravi Kapoor alone like her brother. Tusshar Kapoor said in the interview that he has no doubts about his choice. When he was asked if he would ever get married in the future, Tusshar refused outright. He said that he would not like to share himself with anyone else in future.

‘I don’t know how my day goes’
‘Golmaal’ fame actor Tusshar Kapoor said, ‘Never, because if I had any doubts about it, I would not have gone through the process of becoming a single parent. I have done this at a time and age when I was ready to take full responsibility for it. I feel like I am taking the right step. Today and till now, I feel like I have so much work to do that makes my day complete, as I have a lot to do with my son throughout the day. I have no other choice which I could have chosen and it would not have happened any other way. I will never share myself with anyone in the world now or in the future. So that’s why all’s well that ends well.’

Had taken the support of surrogacy after doing Prakash Jha
Tusshar Kapoor had earlier told in an interview that he had decided to become a father through surrogacy only on the suggestion of filmmaker Prakash Jha. Tusshar then said, ‘A mother changes the diaper and feeds the children. People think that this is child care. Whereas parenting is vast like a galaxy. The first important thing in parenting is love without shame. As your child grows up, you too have to be involved in his development. A father expresses his feelings in a different way, as both the mother and the father have different views on the child.


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