Uttar Pradesh: Basic education minister’s brother resigns as assistant professor after controversy

Uttar Pradesh: Basic education minister's brother resigns as assistant professor after controversy

UP Minister Dr. Satish Dwivedi and his brother Arun Dwivedi.


Uttar Pradesh’s Basic Education Minister Satish Dwivedi’s brother Arun Kumar Dwivedi resigned on Wednesday after a controversy erupted over his appointment to the post of assistant professor at Siddharth University from the quota of the economically weaker general category. University Vice Chancellor Professor Surendra Dubey told here that Arun Kumar Dwivedi, who took charge as Assistant Professor of Psychology Department, has resigned from his post on Friday.

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After resigning, Arun said in a press conference here that his appointment was under the prescribed procedure, but unfortunately soon after he took charge, his elder brother and the state’s Basic Education Minister Dr. Satish Dwivedi was appointed for this appointment. By connecting with him in the media and social media, he has been made useless, baseless and derogatory allegations and by doing so, efforts are being made to tarnish his image.

He said, “I don’t want any unwarranted allegations against my honest and diligent elder brother because of me. All this is unbearable for me. I am going through a state of mental depression. For me my family and the elder brother’s social There is nothing more important than political honor. Not even this important post, so I have resigned from my post with full responsibility and responsibility. ” Arun said that he wanted to clarify that he had completed the entire process from applying for the post of Assistant Professor to interviewing and taking charge. His elder brother and minister Satish Dwivedi had no role in it.

He told that at the time of application in November 2019, he had applied by making a certificate of the economically weaker section according to his economic status. Later, on the proposal of marriage to a girl serving in higher education, she tried for the betterment of her life, whose right is also given by the Constitution of India, but it was also accused of hurting.

Significantly, the state’s Basic Education Minister Arun Kumar Dwivedi was appointed as an assistant professor in the Psychology Department of Siddharth University from quota of economically weaker general category and took charge last Friday. Since then, questions were being raised about his appointment, the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party had raised the question that how can the minister’s brothers be poor. Both parties had demanded the cancellation of Arun Kumar’s appointment and an inquiry into the matter.

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