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Vaccine and Hum: Will there be a risk of infection after vaccination


Vaccination campaign against corona infection is about to start in the country, but before the introduction of the corona vaccine, all kinds of things have started to be said on social media. Somewhere it is being said that even after this it is not guaranteed to prevent infection. Somewhere it is being publicized that the loss is more than this and the benefit is less. On one such discussion that is spreading on social media, we today answer whether there will be a risk of infection even after it is actually used.

A detailed report in the New York Times has been given through the scientists and experts there. Many aspects have also been given in it.

What happens in the body after being vaccinated?
– This vaccine is injected directly inside the body. When it starts acting after going inside, it will activate the T cells present in the body. With this, other immune systems of the body will also start their work in an effective manner.

When the vaccine dealing with the corona virus enters the body through injection, it activates the body through T and B-cells and strengthens immunity. Antibodies start to form and they weaken the virus by eliminating the elongation of the virus.

What will the vaccine only do?

– No, while the vaccine will strengthen the body’s immune system, the spike can rapidly work against the protein after recognizing it. This will prevent the virus from reaching the cell. Also B cells will try to stop the external pathogen by making antibodies. In this whole process the virus will weaken. It will not harm the body’s immune system. This whole process is such that the infection cannot occur again.

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Will antibodies also be formed?
– As soon as the vaccine reaches inside the body, it will also activate B-cells. The B cell will start taking a front against the virus lying dormant. Will hold him completely. After this, T-cells will also attack the spike proteins of the virus. At the same time, the B cell will start activating antibodies faster. If the virus has reached inside the body, it will not be able to do anything, because the body is ready to face it.

With the introduction of new type of Corona virus in Britain, it has started spreading worldwide.  Even in a total of 29 people who have returned from outside, this variant has been confirmed so far.  In the meantime, many types of comparison theories have spread about the virus since last year.  Like this virus is a biological weapon of China or it can be cured by domestic methods.  Know about these rumors spread within a year.  Sign photo (news18 English Reuters)

It is necessary to take two doses of it. Because if the first dose prepares the body to fight against the virus, then the second dose becomes so strong that the body’s immunity becomes impossible to penetrate the virus. Sign photo (news18 English Reuters)

Why is it necessary to have another dose after 28 days?
Usually, two doses are required in all the corona vaccines, which are given after 28 days i.e. at an interval of about one month. The reason for this is that the first dose prepares the body in a way and then the next dose makes it completely strong against the corona virus and also activates the body’s immune system completely. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a mask and distance after the first dose. It is effective on those who take two doses of it.

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How is India’s first indigenous vaccine Kovaxin prepared?
– It has been prepared from a sample of corona virus. The virus was isolated at the National Institute of Virology in Pune, India, after which it was used to make covaxin. Scientists first prepared the virus stock to make this vaccine, then mixed it with a chemical called beta propiolactone. When the two get together, the virus jeans start to get affected. He is not able to increase his number, his effect ends in some time.

Are all these vaccines completely safe?
– Yes, this is what scientists claim. Usually, wherever there has been this vaccine, there have been reports of some side reactions, but doctors and scientists do not tell the reason for the vaccine. Like this, every body reacts differently with every medicine. Some body also has allergies to certain drugs and compounds or substances. However, the vaccine is generally said to be safe. They are made on the basis of major tests and the conclusions drawn from them.


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