Varun Dhawan completes 8 years in film industry; actor writes emotional post for fans

Varun Dhawan completes 8 years in film industry; actor writes emotional post for fans

In 2008 Varun Dhawan, actor from Bollywood, made his industry debut with Student of the Year. He has been in the industry for eight years today and has used his social media to thank his large family for guiding him through his journeys in various ways. During his promotional activities for his films over the years, he shared a couple of photos.


Varun Dhawan has thanked his fans on social media. Varun Dhawan is very active on social media. He also keeps sharing special photos and videos for his fans. Along with this, they keep telling about their lives through social media. Varun Dhawan has thanked fans for sharing his picture on his official Instagram story.

In the picture that Varun Dhawan has shared on his Insta Story, he is seen standing on the stage with folded hands. Also, a crowd of fans is seen behind them. With this picture, Varun Dhawan wrote in a post for his fans, ‘It has been eight years since this journey started between you and me. Thank you for believing when no one believed me ‘.

Varun Dhawan further wrote in the post, ‘I remember every city I visited, letters, gifts, tattoos and most importantly love. Whenever I cried, you cried too, I laughed, you laughed, but the most important thing is that I know that I am responsible for everything I have done. This post of Varun Dhawan on social media is going viral.

Fan reactions on Varun’s post

He thanked the fans for trusting in him when no one did so and added that he recalls all of the cities in which he also played. He said their messages, presents, tattoos and the love they showed him were so wonderful.

He had said, “When I yelled when I smiled, but most importantly I know that you were concerned about all that I was doing and that’s most important.” Varun Dhawan shakes his hands with his fans in his pictures, and he embraces a fan, and after seeing them, he’s broken into tears.

A fan congratulated Varun and mentioned. She wrote,

“Your sensitivity is what makes you so relatable to most.” Another fan asks him to not make all the fans cry and wrote that they will always stand for him. A fan wrote that they will be there for him no matter what. Take a look at Varun’s fan’s tweets.

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