Video: Dharmendra is upset with Kovid’s situation, humming the song and says- Not singing out of fear with Corona

In the Corona era, we are all imprisoned in our own homes. This is also the need of the hour. Bollywood actor Dharmendra (Dharmendra) has also been at his farmhouse for more than a year. He is away from the family. However, his sense of positivity about life is worth seeing. Dharmendra has shared a new video on Instagram on Wednesday evening, in which he hums the song (Dharmendra Sings Song). Sharing the video, Dharmendra has written in the caption, ‘Not singing out of fear with Coronavirus … Things are like this ….’

‘O heart, take me to such a place …’
In the video that Dharmendra has shared, he is sitting on the high wing chair. The song of Dilip Kumar’s film ‘Arzoo’ is playing in the background. Dharmendra himself is humming the song, ‘Ae Dil Me Mein Aisa Leesh Chal Chal …’ Let me tell you that this song from the movie ‘Arju’ released in the year 1950 has been sung by Talat Aziz. Kamini Kaushal and Sasikala were in this film with Dilip Kumar. The music was composed by Anil Biswas and the director of the film was Shahid Latif.

‘Not singing for fear of coronavirus …’
Sharing the video, Dharmendra has written in the caption, ‘Not singing out of fear from the coronavirus … The situation is like this … This is my favorite song in’ Arju ‘filmed on Dilip Sahab in the sweet voice of Talat. ‘ This video of Dharam Paaji has been viewed more than 68 thousand times till the time of writing the news, while the fans are pouring love on the video.

Mustard cultivation on stony land

Dharmendra often shares his photos and videos on Instagram and interacts with fans. A few days ago, the actor shared a video and appealed to the people to get the vaccine. Not only this, he also said that all my fans are like my family now. On Monday, Dharmendra shared a video of his mustard crop at the farmhouse by sharing a video. Sharing the video, Dharmendra wrote, ‘Friends, my hard worker is my … farming on rocky soil … mustard on the palm … Amazing it … I was in my childhood.’

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