VIDEO: Rakhi Dam was touching the feet of Sonu Sood, the actor will win the heart of what he did

The way Sonu Sood is helping people in the midst of the corona epidemic has won everyone’s heart. He is constantly involved with people affected by the corona (Sonu sood covid help) are helping and providing them with everything from oxygen to hospitals to beds, medicines, ventilators and food and drink.

Recently, a video of Sonu Sood viral video was revealed, in which he swung a phone and got a job of a youth unemployed (Sonu Sood helps a man get job). That video won the hearts of the people. Now another video of Sonu Sood has come out, seeing that their love will increase even more in your mind.

Rakhi Dam A woman started touching Sonu Sood’s feet, The actor reacted like this

The video is from outside Sonu Sood’s house, which has been shared by trade analyst Ramesh Bala on his Twitter handle. Along with helping the people affected by the corona, Sonu Sood keeps asking him frequently. Recently, he met people gathered outside his house, one of whom a woman called Sonu Sood (woman ties rakhi to sonu sood) Tied a rakhi. As soon as the woman touched Sonu Sood’s feet after tying the rakhi, the actor stopped her immediately and told her not to do so and then folded her hands in front of the woman. The woman told Sonu Sood that he was like his brother.

Murid fans of Sonu Sood- You are great and true hero
This video of Sonu Sood is becoming increasingly viral on social media and fans are praising it fiercely. One fan wrote, ‘Sir, in the Corona era, you are a hero, not a hero of the poor, helpless. You are great sir I remember you in my prayers and I pray to God that you should be healthy, healthy and safe from all the problems. ‘

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Another user’s comment was, ‘Really a great human being and a hero. I want to meet you too. ‘ Another comment was, ‘When a sister ties a rakhi, it means that the brother will protect her from every evil eye. Sonu Sood is a protector and also really capable of Rakhi.

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When Sonu Sood got a job as an unemployed youth

A few days ago, a video of Sonu Sood was revealed, which was shared by our colleague ETimes on his Twitter handle. In the video, Sonu Sood was talking to an acquaintance to get the job of a young man. When his job was confirmed, he started crying and touching Sonu Sood’s feet. On this, Sonu Sood had explained to the young man that he should not do so and be happy because now the job has been taken.


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