VIDEO: Randeep Hooda caught in controversy after hitting ‘sexist’ joke on Mayawati

Often celebrities speak such thoughtless things for which they later have to apologize. A few days ago Abed Mathew, the CommanderAbish mathew) President of Bahujan Samaj Party for one of his old tweets Mayawati Had apologized to In that tweet, Mathew wrote derogatory remarks about Mayawati. Now a video has surfaced Bollywood Actor Randeep Hooda (Randeep Hooda) Former Chief Minister of UP Mayawati (Mayawati), ‘Sexist’ and ‘racist’ are seen joking.

In this video, Randeep Hooda is talking about social media. Meanwhile, he says he will recite a ‘dirty joke’. Randeep further says, ‘Miss Mayawati was going in the street with 2 children. A person standing there asked them – are these two children twins? In response to this, he said- No, it is 4 years old and he is 8 years old. After that the man said – I do not believe that a man can go there twice. ‘ See, this video of Randeep:

After this video of Randeep, people are not believing and they are fiercely criticizing him on social media. People are also demanding an apology from Randeep Hooda after this video surfaced. See, some users’ tweets:

Let us know that earlier in the year 2012, Commander Abish Mathew has apologized for his tweet on Mayawati a few days ago. In his tweet, Abish wrote, ‘Mayawati is very ugly … only her idols can stand.’

Abish Mathew had done a ‘sexist’ comment for Mayawati 9 years ago, he apologized for the noise


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