video: When Madhavan ‘insulted’ Shahrukh Khan-Saif Ali Khan, the audience laughed

Actor R. K., who has made his mark in South to Bollywood films. Madhavan has turned 51 years old. But even today millions of hearts are sacrificed on one of his smiles. Like every year, this year also Madhavan is celebrating his birthday on 1st June. On this special occasion, a throwback video of him is becoming very viral on social media. In the video, Shahrukh Khan with R Madhavan, Saif Ali Khan (Saif Ali Khan) are also visible. The video is from an award show, where Madhavan jokingly ‘insults’ Shah Rukh and Saif. The matter was of laughter, so the audience sitting there is also seen laughing loudly on it.

This video is from an ‘Awards Show’ where Bollywood’s veteran stars are seen. At the same time, Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan are seen hosting this show. In the video, we will see Shahrukh and Saif standing on the stage and questioning R Madhavan sitting in the audience, what does R mean in R. Madhavan. Then Shahrukh jokingly says, ‘Somewhere R means Rated?, Real? Or not really talented.’

Madhavan then lovingly responds to Shah Rukh and Saif saying, ‘R means Ranganathan Madhavan’. After that Saif says, ‘I will give you some lines from my film, you have to speak it in Tamil language.’ Madhavan very lovingly answers all the questions of Saif and Shahrukh. Then Shahrukh says, ‘Anyone can ‘insult’ us tonight. Would you like to insult us in Tamil?’ To this Madhavan says, ‘Run from here, idiots.’ Shahrukh and Saif laugh when Madhavan says this, as well as everyone sitting in the audience bursts into laughter.


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