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Weather Updates: Light heat in the morning in Delhi, rain in these areas expected


Weather Forecast Update: Rainfall has additionally been expressed in some areas by the Meteorological Department.

New Delhi:

Weather Forecast Today: In Delhi earlier than the begin of the month of March Heat knock Has given Saturday morning in the capital Delhi Mild heat The mercury was recorded at 21.6 levels Celsius. The morning was welcomed by the scorching solar in Delhi. According to the Meteorological Department, the climate might be clear throughout the day. At the identical time, rain forecasts have additionally been expressed in some areas by the Meteorological Department. According to an estimate of 6.15 in the morning, mild or sturdy rain is expected in the areas round Muzaffarnagar, Deoband, Najibabad, Saharanpur and Roorkee. The disturbance in the north-west is being instructed as a consequence of this flip of the climate. Apart from this, there’s a risk of rain in Karnal, Kurukshetra and Panipat.

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The heat in Delhi gave a knock on Wednesday. In the final 15 years, Wednesday was the hottest day recorded in the month of February. According to IMD information, the final highest temperature in February was recorded in 2006 when the mercury was 34.1 levels Celsius. The highest mercury in the month of February was recorded at 32.4 diploma Celsius in the yr between 2009 and 2020. According to the information, the most temperature was recorded at 27.8 ° C in February 2020, 28.1 in 2019 and 32 ° C in 2018.

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Talking about different metros aside from Delhi, the temperature in Mumbai was recorded at 22.4 levels Celsius this morning, humidity was 80 p.c. In Chennai, the mercury remained at 22.4 levels Celsius, whereas the humidity was 91 p.c. In Kolkata, the temperature was 21.8 levels Celsius, humidity was 79 p.c. Apart from this, temperatures in Pune and Bangalore have been recorded at 15.4 and 20 levels respectively.


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