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Were you the only Ambala … Kong intimidating female employee. MLA …. viral video

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Published: Monday, January 18, 2021, 15:48 [IST]

Bhopal: A video of a Congress MLA threatening a female employee in Madhya Pradesh has gone viral on the internet.

Farmers from Punjab and Haryana are protesting in the capital Delhi against agricultural laws. Many across the country are fighting in support of them.

Had You Not Been A Woman ... Congress MLA Threatens Madhya Pradesh Officer On Camera

Accordingly, a huge tractor rally was held on behalf of the Congress in support of the farmers’ struggle in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. Congress MLA Harsh Vijay Kelad, who led the rally, went with his supporters to the local magistrate’s office to lodge a complaint on agricultural laws.

It is said that it took a long time for the then Deputy District Magistrate Gamini Thakur to come out. This angered Congress MLA Harsh Vijay Kelad who went with his supporters outside the office.

Also, Awab looks at District Deputy Magistrate Gamini Thakur and angrily shouts, “You escaped because you are a woman. There was a man in the same place, he would have grabbed his shirt and given him a memo.” This video is currently going viral on social media.

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Controversial remarks by Congress leaders in Madhya Pradesh against women have become a recurring theme. Just last week, former Congress minister Sajjan Singh Verma had controversially commented on why the minimum age for marriage should be raised from 18 to 21 when women can give birth at the age of 15.

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