What does this Pakistani child think about India? This answer will win your heart

Islamabad How are the relations between Pakistan and India? No one can answer this properly. But what Zac, who lives in Pakistan, has said about India, he has won the hearts of all. Karl Rock is currently in Pakistan. They are constantly meeting their fans and other people. Karl is very famous for his travel videos. He mostly mentions India and South-East Asia in his video series.

Karl reached Pakistan and was talking to the people. During this time, he met a boy named Zac near a food stall in Lahore. During this time both of them talked about Pakistani culture and food. Then Karl raised the most common issue and asked Zac about India. Zac said that many of his friends live there. Zac told that his father has visited India many times. The last time he came to India was 6 years ago, where he went to Amritsar.

When Carl asked Zac what he thought about India, he said, ‘There are bad and good people everywhere. Therefore, we cannot make an image of anyone. Karl also reacted to this and said ‘the right thing.’ The discussion between the two lasted for a long time. Zac and his father also offered Carl a meal.

Came to India and settled here

Karl, a resident of New Zealand, first came to India in 2013. Then he fell in love with India and decided to settle here. He was greatly influenced by the food, people and culture of India. Not only this, Karl also married an Indian woman and settled in the capital Delhi. During the video, Carl appealed to his subscribers to come to Pakistan.

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