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What is sky cycling, where can you do this adventure in India?

It is no longer an era in the country that bicycles have been a necessity or a daily use of the general public, but yes, many people still ride bicycles as an amateur. Except for the needy and the Shaikins, there are some people who ride bicycles for health. Apart from these, there is another class of people who ride bicycles, who try to combine sport and adventure with bicycle. The number of such people is not very much, but the number of people who enjoy tourism as an adventure is considerable, keeping in mind that sky cycling has started.

The good news for those who took the bicycle as an adventure in the common life till about two decades ago in India is that now sky cycling has started in India too. Those who are fond of cycling also know that many youngsters and supporters of cycling have been greatly inspired by cyclists like Aso Alben and Ronaldo Singh. However, tell you where the influx of Sakai Cycling has taken place in the country.

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What is sky cycling?Apart from cycling on the road, track cycling, BMX, MTB have been quite popular among term youth, but sky cycling is yet to gain much popularity in India. Despite this, the promotion of it as an adventure has started.

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So how can you ride a bicycle in the sky? Of course, there has been no discovery or invention that has ruled out the force of gravity, but a system of cycling has been created far above the ground. Like the rope rope you enjoy sitting in a trolley, a rope track is tied for cycling above the ground, which is tied through suspension.

Sky cycling has started in Kullu Manali.

All the necessary precautions are required for cycling on this rope. For this, a trainer explains the instructions completely and after that, cycling is allowed on this rope track only by wearing a helmet and protective gears. You can enjoy this adventure only, who do not have any disease or complaint like fear of height or weak heart.

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If you are suffering from a complaint like acrophobia or you are not interested in adventure, then you should stay away from sky cycling. Sky cycling has become very popular in some countries before India. In some places including Pokhara in Nepal, it has been attracting adventure tourists.

Where is sky cycling in India?
You can enjoy this adventure at three places in the country – Kullu Manali, Rishikesh and Kochi. The country’s first sky cycling park took place in Manali in September this year in Gulaba area. Here the track made for sky cycling is built at an altitude of 9000 feet above sea level. This has been started with the aim of promoting tourists and adventure activities here.

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Kullu Manali, one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country, already has adventure sports like paragliding and skiing in Solang Valley. Rohtang Pass is one of the most beautiful places in Manali, where mountain biking and skiing are quite popular adventures in snow-capped areas. Now here, sky cycling can become a new and attractive option for adventure lovers.

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