WhatsApp Group Chat Links Were Searchable on Google, Once Again!

WhatsApp has already been updated for its most recent change in the privacy policy that it allows Facebook to share its data. A lot of users are furious and switch to common solutions like Telegram and Signal. In addition, over the weekend, WhatsApp group links began to appear again in search results. This means that only a connection will allow you to search for and enter private groups.

This is not the first time the problem has happened. In 2019 it was found that private group chat links on WhatsApp is available through Google. It was because the giant messaging group chat links were indexed. This means that sharing an invite group on a public forum means Google’s search results display the index of the link. WhatsApp has fixed this across all deep link pages including the ‘noindex’ tag. Therefore, Google Search should not include your private group chat links.

WhatsApp had fixed this issue in the past, then how were the group links still being indexed on Google? Rajaharia stated (via Gadgets 360) that the messaging giant did not include the robots.txt file for the “chat.whatsapp.com” domain. This file tells the search engine crawlers which links they should index or not.

The messaging giant has moved swiftly to fix the issue. The group chat links, as well as user profiles that were found to be indexed over the weekend, are no longer visible on Google. We have independently verified this claim. The Facebook-owned company has issued an official statement, advising users to not share private group chat links to any public platform on the Internet. Also, WhatsApp has again asked Google to not index a group invite link or user profiles in the future.

“Links that users wish to share privately with people they know and trust should not be posted on a publicly accessible website,” added the WhatsApp spokesperson. Also, if you are a group admin and see a random person join the conversation, you can always kick them out and revoke older group invite links at any time.

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