Which One NBA Team Are You Supporting This Season?

Which One NBA Team Are You Supporting This Season?

LA Lakers

The LA Lakers is in a bit of a rebuilding stage after the retirement of Mike Dillard as their coach and the hiring of Kurtzu. They had hoped to make a run deep into the playoffs before Kurtzu was hired, but now they are in the same spot they were in a year ago, needing a lot of help on the interior. This is especially true if they cannot get chemistry going in training camp as they did not have it during their championship run. The signing of Chris Webber does not yet give the Lakers much in the way of premier free agents, but they should at least be able to land a solid role player or two.

The LA Lakers does have several top-notch players that are either already on the squad or expected to join shortly including Dewayne Dedmon, Darius Miles, Ramon Sessions, and Tarzan Smith. There will be some pressure for them to build around the talented nucleus they have assembled though they have to hope that rookie Michael Redd can make the leap right away, as well as beef up the front line. There are also rumors that Tracy McGrady might leave the New York Nets if he gets another chance with the Lakers. This all depends on how big of a contract he signs with them and what kind of offers they give him.

As you could see, the LA Lakers is in a transitional phase as they attempt to find a superstar that can take them to the promised land. Now question is how much do LA lakers tickets cost? You can check if easily and book tickets. If they make enough noise, they should be able to land a top 4 pick in the upcoming NBA draft and take one of the best players in this years draft class. If they don’t, they could very well end up on the trading block at the worst possible moment. So, the question remains: will the LA Lakers pull off another great trade this year, or will they be another team that loses out by dealing bad players.

New York Knicks

The New York Knicks is an American professional team based in the New York City suburb of Manhattan. The Knicks play in the Eastern Conference for the top spot in the league. They have qualified for the NBA finals six times, most recently beating the Detroit Pistons in six games to cap off an unforgettable season for the team and the individual players. Many people are now saying that this is one of the greatest teams that has ever assembled and there is no way that the team can be beaten in the coming series against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The New York Knicks is owned by the New York sports-entertainment group, which is controlled by the current owner, of the team, which was Thomasuanco. The current season is the same as when the team was first founded in 1940, with the current coach, Mike Krzyzewski, still in charge. Since the franchise moved to New York in exchange for cash considerations from the owner, James Dolan, the Knicks have made a steady climb up the Eastern Conference during the last few years. Last season they were the number two seed in what was a very competitive conference, and they lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Indiana Pacers in five games.

This year the NY knicks game tickets are in first place in the Eastern Conference and are within a win of clinching the first ever playoff appearance in franchise history. The current nucleus that is in place, which includes three All-Star caliber players in Carmello, Bargnani, and Wallace, has proven to skeptics that they are championship contenders. Last season was just a part of a rebuilding process for the club, as New York was not competitive. Now that the team is in first place in the conference and within a win of clinching a first ever playoff berth, it will be hard for anyone to challenge them. If you are a New York Knick fan looking for a team to watch this year, New York will most likely be one of your top choices.

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics is currently an American professional sports team playing in Boston, Massachusetts. The Celtics play in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association. Currently the team is tied for third in the Eastern Conference with the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers. Boston has a few other division mates that they play frequently including the Brooklyn Nets and the Indiana Pacers. Celtics season tickets are always hot and sell very fast. Most teams in the NBA have five or six stars but the Boston Celtics only have one, Chris Paul, who is second in points scored.

A Boston Red Sox baseball team is also in existence. In eighteen years they have been one of the most successful teams in all of baseball. Their history dates back to eighteen seventy-nine when they were established as the Red Sox. They are a team that have won the pennant three times, and have been a part of two World Series championships. Among the players that have played on this team are future Hall Of Fame player Bobby Bonds, and reliever Curt Schilling. Two other players that were members of this famous Red Sox team are running back Bobby Orr and designated hitter Stan James.

In September of 1946 the Boston Celtics relocated to New York. The move gave the Boston fans the chance to see what else they had to choose from when it came to championship teams. The New York Islanders had been one of the last remaining seeds to be selected in the World Series. As the Islanders prepared to face the Cleveland Indians in the first round of the playoffs, the fans had been hoping that their long dream of seeing their favorite team in the championship series would finally come true.

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