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Who is General Zhang, who got command of Chinese army standing against India

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The area on the Line of Actual Control connecting India is the Western Theater Command for the Chinese Army, where recently, General Zhang Judong has been appointed as the boss. General Zhang has replaced General Zhao Jongki. The Peoples Liberation Army of China has been taking an aggressive stand on the Line of Actual Control near Ladakh since the month of April this year. The army’s command has been changed in view of the anti-India attitude and strategy.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is technically the top commander of Chinese forces. Only after the approval of Jinping, there have been promotions of four senior officers in the Chinese Army recently. Ever since these reports, there has been a curiosity that who is the general Zhang who was handed over the command to replace Zhao, who was a great villain for India? What is his mastery over the border areas of India?

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Who is General Zhang?General Zhang, who previously served in other commands, has been made the boss of the Western Theater Command for the first time. Zhang’s experience in Shenyang MR has been considerable in the border that China shares with Russia and North Korea. After taking command of a division in this border area, Zhang was made chief of staff and then commander of the 39th Group Army.

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Zhang served from March 2017 to January 2018 as the commander of the People’s Liberation Army’s plains forces in the Central Theater Command, responsible for the complete security of China’s capital Beijing. Subsequently, Zhang was made deputy commander of the Central Theater Command.

Continuing promotion from his experience and work, Zhang was included as deputy commander of the Joint Command Headquarters during the 70th National Day Parade of China in 2019. Jinping, who is said to be China’s most powerful leader after Mao, has clearly expressed confidence in Zhang, so he has now been given the Western Theater Command. It was during Jinping’s tenure that Zhang also received promotions from Major General to Lieutenant General.

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What is Western Theater Command?
Also know about the command of the Chinese army that General Zhang has been made. In ASL, the PLA is divided into five commands, the Northern, Southern, East, West and Central Theater Commands. The concept of this structure of theater command is said to be influenced by the structure of the American military. The largest of all these commands is the Western Theater Command, where China’s border with India is shared.

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Due to being the Himalayas, the conditions here have also been very bad. The regions of Tibet and Xinjiang are inaccessible places here, where even before China has been able to crush many rebellions. The headquarters of this Western theater command in China is in Lunzhou, while the center of the Joint Operation Command is in Chengdu. Here, in the event of rust, more security forces can be sent and the air force is ready.

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The entire focus of the reforms Jinping has made in the defense sector has been that the entire Chinese army can always be ready for war in virtual space or anywhere with modern facilities with water, land or air. At present, talks between the two countries are on for restoration of peace in the tensioned area of ​​Ladakh border.

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