Who Is The King Of Free Fire? Who Is The Richest Noob In Free Fire?

Who Is The King Of Free Fire? Who Is The Richest Noob In Free Fire?

Battle royale games have grown in popularity among Indian audiences in recent years. While PUBG has remained an all-time hit, its absence from the Play Store has led users to seek out other similar options. Following the country’s PUBG ban, one such battle royale game that has gained a large fan base is Free Fire.

The game is playable on both Android and iOS devices. With OTA updates, the company has been adding new features to the game. This game is also playable on laptops and PCs. Online game streaming videos have recently become popular among the public at large. Several professional and amateur players demonstrate their gaming abilities by live-streaming their sessions online.

The additional benefit is the income generated by uploading such content to YouTube. Players are generating revenue through YouTube by using Free Fire as a platform. Surprisingly, one of the Free Fire community’s richest players is a rookie. Here’s everything you need to know about the wealthiest newcomer in the Free Fire gaming community:

Who Is The Richest Noob Of Free Fire

Lokesh Gamer is the most popular and wealthy noob on Free Fire. Lokesh first appeared on YouTube in November of 2017. His channel has a massive 6.87 million users, propelling him to the top of the list of most popular YouTube creators in the country.

Lokesh is the leader of the Free Fire team ‘Team Hind.’ In terms of specifics, Lokesh has a 21 percent win rate in Free Fire.He has played 1166 solo matches and scored 2833 points in squad mode.

Other popular players on the platform, according to the company, include Badge 99 and Desi gamer. Badge 99 (Bharat Singh), for example, is a 19-year-old Free Fire gamer and YouTuber with approximately 3.6 million followers. The gamer recently partnered with Esportsxo, a Bengaluru-based Esports tournament management company, with the goal of reaching 10 million subscribers by 2021.

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