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Why did Markandey Katju give an insult to the country in a British court?

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New Delhi: Today we’ll let you know one thing about former Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju, understanding that you can be very unhappy. You will really feel insulted and when you take delight in the greatness and superiority of your country then will probably be crushed. Today you’ll know the extent of how a lot a individual can hate his country.

When Justice Katju’s argument was overpowered whereas testifying in a British courtroom, he mentioned about his country in a international courtroom that the courts of India have utterly bowed down to the authorities.

– Former choose Katju instructed the UK choose that fifty% of India’s judges are corrupt.

-Supreme Court has change into the servant of the Government of India. It stays a spineless and sycophantic establishment.

– Media of India reveals detrimental information.

– Due to authorities insurance policies in India, nobody can get justice.

-The authorities blames folks for his or her shortcomings and implicates them in lawsuits.

All these items have been mentioned by Justice Markandey Katju, who has been a choose in the country for 20 years, on 25 February in the Westminster Justice of the Peace courtroom of London.

Who gave the testimony of insult to the country to save?

Now we’ll let you know that Justice Markandey Katju gave the testimony of insult to the country to save whom.

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Justice Katju has mentioned all these items in protection of that Nirav Modi, who’s accused of fleeing to India with 14 thousand crores of rupees and he’s residing in Britain today. To convey again the cash of the country, the Indian authorities is attempting to convey Nirav Modi from Britain. Nirav Modi went to the Westminster Justice of the Peace courtroom of London to escape and mentioned that Britain’s authorities must be stopped from sending him to India as a result of, the Indian authorities is taking revenge motion in opposition to him and he won’t get justice there. In this case, Markandey Katju appeared as a witness in the protection of Nirav Modi and he insulted his country to save Nirav Modi there. Accuse the judiciary severely.

Even the international choose did not belief this hatred testimony. While giving the verdict, he mentioned that Nirav Modi might be despatched to India.

Why is the country opposed to the authorities?

We are always telling you one factor that we should always not oppose the country in opposition to the authorities. If there’s a authorities with a totally different ideology, will we tilt the head of our country to let it down? And these individuals are doing this work whose ancestors have fought to liberate the country from the British. Kailashnath Katju, grandfather of Justice Markandey Katju, was a freedom fighter and after independence he was additionally the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, after which he has been the Governor of Orissa and Bengal. Markandey Katju’s uncle BN Katju has been the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court.

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If Kailash Nath Katju have been alive as we speak, he would have felt a lot disappointment over this act of his grandson. Today, the household of this country, who gave the whole lot publish, status and respect, are insulting the country, even outdoors the country, overseas.

Today we wish to say that the Supreme Court of the country ought to intervene in this matter. Contempt case must be run in opposition to former Justice Markandey Katju as a result of, he has described 50 p.c of the judiciary as corrupt. He has accused the elected authorities of the country in a international courtroom that that authorities can’t present justice to the residents. Therefore, Parliament also needs to think about how to cease those that defame the country?


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