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Why is the weather feeling hot in January? Record for many years broken in Lucknow and Varanasi

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Lucknow. Generally, the month of Jaunuary is remembered for the winter. Every year, there are reports that the cold has broken the record of so many years, but this time the atmosphere is changing. In order to avoid frost in this season, where previously the quilt as well as the heater had to be used, now the quilt is also not tolerated. Daytime temperature is close to 30 ° C while night temperature has reached close to 15 ° C. This did not happen every year. In such a situation, it has become a big topic of discussion among people whether this year will not be cold?

On January 1 in 1992 in Lucknow it was 31.6 degrees

Now know about the cold of January. Talk about Lucknow as a Nazir. In the last several years, in the month of January, Lucknow has not recorded so much temperature. The record for the last 10 years has been broken in Lucknow on Wednesday. On this day, the maximum temperature in the capital was recorded at 28.9 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature was 31.6 degrees Celsius recorded on January 1 in 1992.

8-year record broken in VaranasiThe same situation is also in Varanasi. In the case of increased temperature in January, the record of 8 years has been broken here. Varanasi recorded a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. The highest temperature was recorded in 2013 at 29.4 degrees Celsius. However, it is also true that this change of weather is mostly seen in the districts of eastern and central UP. Winter is showing its effect in western UP and Bundelkhand.

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13-year record broken in Shahjahanpur

In the case of increased temperature in January, the record of the last 13 years in Shahjahanpur has been broken. Shahjahanpur recorded a maximum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. In the last 13 years, such a high temperature has never been recorded. On 29 January 2007, the temperature was recorded at 28.3 ° C.

Same situation in Rae Bareli, Bahraich and Gorakhpur

In Rae Bareli too, the record of the last 12 years has been broken. On Wednesday, Rae Bareli recorded a daytime temperature of 29 ° C. Since 2009, so much temperature had not been recorded in January.

The record of 11 years in Bahraich is also broken. The maximum temperature was recorded at 28 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. How much temperature had not been recorded since 2009. Similarly, Gorakhpur had a maximum temperature of 26.8 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. After 2010 there has never been this much temperature.

This is the main reason for increased temperature

Now the question is, why is this happening? News18 talked to JP Gupta, director of the Meteorological Department of Lucknow, about this in detail. JP Gupta told that in the first week of January, this change has come due to western disturbances. Such changes keep happening in the weather. It is not that this has happened for the first time. The weather will change again in the next two to three days. The thrust of cold winds will increase in most areas of the state. This will cause a sharp drop in temperature. The possibility of fog has been expressed.

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