Why You Can’t Buy A Used Copy Of QuickBooks?

Why You Can’t Buy A Used Copy Of QuickBooks?
Why You Can’t Buy A Used Copy Of QuickBooks?

Intuit is licensed to sells genuine QuickBooks items through resellers or partner. These items must be directly or from this approved staff purchased by Intuit. Many cases of illegal vendors have been fooled into selling such QuickBooks goods. The product was not available to these customers as the information needed for registration and registration are not valid.

With access to various e-commerce portals, there are chances of bumping into QuickBooks products from unknown sellers who might pose to have brand new copies. They advertise with discounted prices and this draws customers to buy such products. However, when they try installing and using the product, they are stuck and cannot proceed further.

What happens during installation?

The software can be loaded on your CD, or installation files can be accessed. The license number and product number will be requested during installation.

You must register QuickBooks with Intuit before using the app. Registration or activation is necessary because you will not be able to build or open Company Files if you do not complete this function.

It is very important to bear in mind that you have to register or activate each time you install QuickBooks software. You must register each copy after installation if you have several copies of secret Quickbooks and want to have it instalmed on various computers. It also means that you must register it if you want QuickBooks reinstalled on a new device. You can contact the customer service team if you have problems when registering.


If you have the original license and product code for the used QuickBooks copy at any time, there is a great risk that you will have software registration difficulties.

And in original software, Intuit checks whether you have a real version by demanding that your Intuit account information be entered. In addition, contact numbers and mailing IDs should be included. When a copy is installed, Intuit can detect the software version that you want to use and remember that it has already been registered under a different name. In this scenario, you would not be able to access your program or just have restricted access to the software.


However if the registration and installation process is somehow successful, the restricted functions that Intuit allows you to access won’t give you the results that new software might achieve. This results in wasted resources, such as time, money and the disgusting experience of customers.

The purchasing of a copy of the program is recommended as a wrong idea, so it is easier for your company or startup to obtain a new version of QuickBooks.

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