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Worlds Lightest Satellite: Tamil Nadu student made the lightest satellite, weighing only 33 mg

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Chennai. India is registering its strong presence in space matters globally. One such act has been done by a student from Tamil Nadu, Riyasdeen Samsudeen. Riyas has designed the world’s lightest satellite. The special thing is that the discovery of this Indian youth is also being praised by the US space agency NASA. However, his invention still depends on NASA’s launch. These are made of satellite printed polyetherimide thermoplastic. They have hoped that if it is left in the material space, then the use of things like gold and titanium will be reduced in the satellite.

Riyas currently studies at Arms University in Trichy. He is a second year student of Mechatronics Engineering. Significantly, the weight of the satellite made by Riyas is 33 mg. At the same time, its size is just 33 millimeters. They have designed satellite vision sets 1 and 2 of FEMTO Variety. Both these satellites are square, with 11 sensors installed. The special thing is that these sensors will prove to be helpful in research on microgravity.

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The material from which these satellites have been prepared is a kind of resin. The special thing is that it can be used in place of things like gold and titanium used in satellite. These materials are used in satellite for long lasting and light weight.

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A few days ago, two 13-year-old school umbrella Arya Pulate and Shreya Waghmare have detected 6 early astroids. Both students participated in the Kalam Center Astroid Search Campaign. The campaign was organized by the Kalam Center in association with the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC). People involved under this campaign were given the opportunity to find things near the earth or main belt astroid.

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