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WWE Payback 2020 Results: Roman Reigns wins the Universal Championship


WWE Payback 2020 Results: Roman Reigns won the World Championship at WWE Payback, but that’s not the event’s top story. More specifically, Reigns had turned the heel. Despite years of WWE attempting to present him as a main guy, only to be continuously rejected by the public, Reigns is now officially a villain.

Roman Reigns has made a star-studded coming back and become a two-time Global Champion with a win in the title match of WWE Payback 2020 on Monday (August 31). The Giant once challenged his dominance in the arena and defeated Strowman to hold the title of WWE Payback. Although Reigns remained absent for a good part of the contest, he made his entry when all the WWE big stars were down.

Roman was charged by The Fiend-Strowman and continued to control the action in the second half of the match. Strowman pinned the Big Dog to claim the win. However, since he doesn’t trap The Fiend in this fight, Reigns is likely to go up to him to protect his title next time.

In the first quarter of the contest, Strowman and The Fiend managed to put on a brilliant display and split the cage. Both WWE superstars had a decent amount of hope, but the tone of the match shifted immediately when Roman Reigns came out with a steel chair.

It was just last week that Reigns made a surprising comeback to SummerSlam 2020 despite the long period away from WWE and landed blows on The Fiend and Strowman during the main event. Reigns also went on to pick up the SummerSlam championship and counter the newly crowned winner.

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Roman Reigns wins the Universal Championship

Here’s the story: At SmackDown, Reigns has yet to sign a deal for this match. But he did associate himself with Paul Heyman, suggesting that he might possibly turn Payback ‘s heel. Throughout this episode, it was mentioned that Reigns has yet to sign a contract for No Holds Barred Triple Threat. This ended up playing with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman fighting each other for 10 minutes, reaching the finishers, smashing through the tables and damaging the ring itself until Reigns came out, signed the contract and taking advantage of it.

It was a curious match. Wyatt and Strowman were a car wreck, the two of them totally demolishing each other. But it was hard to take control of, because we knew the Reigns would soon follow, and nothing else mattered until that stage. It’s momentous as an angle.

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After 6 years of trying and mostly failing to make Reigns the top babyface, WWE has officially turned him heel.

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