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Yogi’s minister said – If the candidate’s educational qualification and 2 children are obliged, then the panchayat election will have a big impact.

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Farid Shamsi

Moradabad The Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh is busy in preparations for the Panchyat Elections in Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, Panchayati Raj Minister Bhupendra Singh said that in many states, the rule regarding the educational qualification of candidates contesting elections in Panchayat elections and the compulsion of 2 children is applicable. This is also in the cognizance of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, but the UP government has not taken any decision on it yet. He said that neither has there been any discussion on it yet, but all this is under the cognizance of the Chief Minister, he has to take a decision on it.

If the decision is taken then the panchayat election will have a big impact

He said that assembly elections are to be held in 2022 UP, but before that, in the Panchayat elections of 2021, the UP government is going to come down completely. And if the Yogi government puts the condition of compulsion of two children and compulsory educational qualification in elections, it will make a big impact in the panchayat elections in UP. Have been. People have expressed confidence in the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath from the results that have come in the last elections. The opposition is trying to move things forward by negative propaganda by misleading people. But the public has understood everything. The government is engaged in talking to farmers and resolving it.

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So this time there was a delay in the panchayat elections

Bhupendra Singh said that we are all preparing for the Uttar Pradesh government’s panchayat elections. Due to Kovid-19, the election process has been delayed in the deadline. The term of the Gram Sabha is till 25 December and the term of the blocks is till March. The tenure of the district panchayats is till 14 February, but due to Kovid-19, it has slowed down some speed. Now the Chief Minister has directed that if elections of Panchayats are to be held without delay, then the areas which have been included in the urban areas by the department have been restructured in the border extension. The final list of delimitation of wards has been published. An objection has been sought on it till 26th. Its final publication will be announced by 6 January.

Elections will be completed by the last week of March

He said that now some areas are connected in the boundary extension in the municipality in the Nagar Panchayats. Delimitation proposal for their reorganization from those linked districts is to come by December 28 and we have to complete it. The remaining 4 districts are those which were not delimited last time. These are Moradabad, Sambhal, Gonda, Gautam Budhanagar, restructuring of delimitation of those districts is also going on. We will also complete it by 14 January. After that there is a process of reservation. After completing the reservation process, we will issue notification of elections in February. It seems to me that we will complete the elections by the last week of March, after that, after 21 days notification, we will get the district panchayats edited.

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Will you do for the upliftment of women?

Bhupendra Singh said that the system is there, there is reservation for our 33% sisters and equality and 44% women elected women are elected representatives in the panchayats. Last time also there is 33% reservation, women will be followed completely.

This time the rule of educational qualification and compulsory of 2 children will apply in the election?

Bhupendra Singh said that no, many states have accepted it. Educational qualification for educated Panchayat and Panchayat representatives has been decided by some states and some states have families of two children. People fighting over them are banned from contesting elections. But this is not the case in Uttar Pradesh right now, but is under the special cognizance of the Chief Minister and the appropriate decision will be based on them only. No decision has been taken in this, but it is in the special cognizance of the honorable Chief Minister that he has to take this decision.



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